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Artifact: Business Concept

The Business Concept outlines what the business will do and the value it will provide to all relevant constituents. It is the foundation for all follow-on activities.

More detail: Purpose - Audience - Template

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Requirements Analyst
End User
Usability Evaluator
Marketing Plan (from Business Strategy)Business Concept (from Business Strategy)
User Researcher
Profile Target UserActor Catalog
Research Potential User Needs
User Research ReportUse Case Model (Sketch)


The Business Concept is one of the essential artifacts in the IconProcess. A Business Concept may also be referred to as a business plan, business model, or vision. The Business Concept includes a definition of the target audiences, the product features and the unique business value it will provide to all constituents. The Business Concept also defines strategies for successfully implementing the product within the marketplace. This includes pricing, revenue, and distribution models.


Almost every role involved in the project needs to understand the Business Concept to some degree. In particular, the following roles use the Business Concept: