Scaled Agile Delivery

The Benefits of Agile for Complex Projects

Get the speed, cost efficiencies, and business responsiveness of Agile - scaled for large or more complex environments

Many organizations have gained the benefits of Agile on small development teams (3-8 people). However, many struggle with Agile when team size increases and you must integrate other disciplines such as requirements or quality, or when you're developing in a complex problem domain.

Scaled Agile Delivery addresses these challenges by building on the concepts of core Agile development practices with complementary techniques designed to handle a more complicated environment.

While core Agile focuses primarily on developers and construction, Scaled Agile Delivery adds specific practices needed for:

  • Requirements definition and management
  • Architecture
  • Change, Build & Release Management
  • Governance & Compliance
  • Quality Management

Scaled Agile Delivery is still a light-weight development process designed to control costs, and significantly improve time to market over traditional waterfall development practices.

Is Scaled Agile Delivery right for your organization?

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