Client Case Study


Icon develops customized Rational Unified Process (RUP) training program for major health insurer.


Aetna, a leading health insurance company, wanted to improve customer satisfaction with its technology-supported services, accelerate software development time, and reduce the number of defects identified during final acceptance testing. Aetna understood that to meet this goal it must improve its software development process, particularly the manner in which the organization captured and managed requirements.

Aetna determined that a customized Rational Unified Process (RUP) should be tailored to the organization's specific project needs. In order to effectively and efficiently utilize a customized process, however, Aetna needed to engage in extensive, organization-wide training to ensure that every development team consistently followed a new firm-specific, standardized process.


Aetna teamed up with Icon to create a cost and time efficient rollout of its new process. Icon was uniquely qualified to support Aetna given its expertise in RUP, custom RUP, and large-scale training rollouts. In addition, IconATG could train Aetna staff on process best practices, drawing from extensive experience and its vast number of real-world projects.

Icon's expert process consultants tailored IconATG's proven courses and training materials to match Aetna's specific process. Icon iteratively completed the course development to address areas of greatest need while minimizing the risks of new process adoption. Each course was taught by an Icon senior trainer who worked closely with the Aetna Process Team to ensure that the training program was coordinated and consistent.

Icon developed and delivered customized courses that included:

  • An Introduction to the Aetna Process
  • Defining & Managing Requirements with Use Cases
  • Requirements Elicitation and Facilitation
  • Iterative Project Management

The new software development process was effectively introduced to the entire Aetna organization, enabling Aetna to meet its software development requirements and goals. Moreover, IconATG has transitioned the Icon licensed courseware to Aetna trainers to ensure a high quality of continued training within the organization.