Client Case Study


Icon's data discovery and visualization tool enables historic genome research breakthrough.


Celera, a biotech company engaged in integrating advanced technologies to discover and develop new therapeutics, turned to IconATG to develop a software solution for their research division. Celera's genomics scientists were in need of tools that could enable them to visualize massive amounts of human genome data in a practical fashion.

In addition, Celera wanted to find a way to demonstrate the value of its unique genome data to their customers via the web.


Icon's solution was a direct contribution to Celera Genomics’ history-making undertaking to sequence and analyze the entire human genome. By using an advanced software design and development strategy we constructed a technically advanced web-enabled software product that visualizes Celera's human genome data. Icon also developed the central product – the Genome browser – that Celera has taken to market to inform customers about their human genome research and results.