Client Case Study


Icon develops a customized, enterprise-wide software development process training program.


Safeway, a Fortune 50 North American food retailer, wanted to slash their software development costs by instituting a common software development process and adopting industry best practices. Safeway faced several barriers to meeting this objective. The organization was involved in a wide variety of ongoing IT projects, ranging from legacy systems maintenance to J2EE development, and development resources were located in multiple offices across different countries.


With experience drawn from Icon expert process consultants, Safeway developed a customized version of the Unified Process that was streamlined specifically for their software development projects. Customization included adaptation to Safeway management practices, integration with their existing business processes, and elimination of unproductive activities and deliverables.

Once completed, Safeway needed a set of training courses to successfully rollout the process and the specified best practices to their entire organization. Safeway licensed existing Icon training courseware to use as a starting point and then used experienced IconATG course developers to quickly adapt the courseware to the new, tailored process – saving the organization substantial time and cost in training development.

To ensure maximum training effectiveness, Safeway solicited Icon to develop a train-the-trainer program to educate instructors on Safeway's new development process. Veteran trainers from Icon as well as other organizations subsequently rolled out the training to hundreds of software developers across the Safeway organization.

Safeway also realized that the skill level required to implement the modified Unified Process could be overwhelming for even the most experienced developers with backgrounds in older development methods. To ensure success, Safeway again turned to Icon's innovative mentoring and training to create key software concepts and models and review critical checkpoints during development.

Safeway has successfully produced and rolled out a customized version of the Unified Process to their entire software development organization. Software development efforts are now standardized, skills transfer efficiently from one project to another, and instituted best practices result in fewer errors and lower development costs.

The ambitious program was completed quickly and cost-effectively by utilizing proven Icon courseware and expertise.