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Icon offers industry-leading training courses in modern software development skills, with a special focus on web applications. Learn and apply industry-leading best practices that will enhance your abilities and transform your organization. We specialize in the practical application of new technologies, emphasizing a balanced approach encompassing courses in process, methodology, management, modeling, and coding skills.

Icon offers expert instructor-led training worldwide customized to your team and your project - whether at your location or at one of our specialized training facilities. Additionally, our open enrollment courses provide a flexible, cost-effective option for individuals or small teams to participate in a public course. Please review some of our upcoming open enrollment courses to the right or call us toll-free at +1 866 ICON-US1 for a complete listing of our open enrollment offerings.

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* Please note that SAFe 4.0 Release Train Engineer (RTE) is an advanced class and requires prior SAFe certification and experience.

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